Investment Consulting

We provide our consulting expertise to those who are considering a potential investment opportunity by transforming their home into a vacation rental business. Our experts can offer guidance on pricing, average daily rate (ADR), occupancy, expense and income evaluation, ROI expectations, comparable home data, insurance, regulatory requirements, investability parameters, and taxes.

We provide an in-depth, customized report and analysis that drills down on the following focus areas:

  • Investability
  • Occupancy
  • Price
  • Regulatory environment
  • Rental demand
  • Revenue growth
  • Seasonality

We rely on a database of five million vacation rental listings all over the globe and note any changes to the calendar availability of homes over the next year.

We record these calendar changes as well as other key details such as the booking lead time, length of stay, reviews, booking history, host response rates, and more.

We use proprietary algorithms and analytics to assess every new set of unavailable calendar days. These help us to determine whether certain dates correspond to a booking or have simply been blocked by the owner.

Recordings of each unique reservation are made and we determine the value of each by using the rates that were available on the day prior to the booking.

We may schedule a 30-minute question-and-answer session by phone for additional discussions.

Please allow three business days for the completion of the report.

Short Term Rental Consulting

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